Partner Partner 01: David Master, Timeless Ketubah

David MasterTimeless Ketubah was founded in 2015 after years of developing a new way of approaching Ketubot/Ketubahs.  It all started when my wife, Elana, and I were planning our own wedding.  With her keen eye for style and color and my background in fine art and design, we worked together to create original elements for our wedding.  Throughout the busy planning process, there were three main areas of focus that we came to realize were most important.  They included (1) infusing rich, meaningful traditions and rituals (2) in a unique way (3) that would highlight our individual and collective personalities.

I love to challenge myself and turn the seemingly impossible into reality.  I was told that invitations were supposed to be flat, so I designed a 3-D pop-out wedding invitation that Elana and I hand-made (over a hundred of them).  I was also told that a ketubah should either be something that gets hung on a wall or gets rolled up and put in a safe place.  We chose to go in a different direction.

It was at this time that I developed and created the first sculptural ketubah (the image on this site’s homepage), which was able to perfectly capture the above three elements.  Although it took a long time to complete, it was truly a labor of love; I created the sculptural elements and Elana wrote a beautiful English interpretation for our ketubah’s text.  It became one of the focal points of our wedding, and is now one of the focal points of our home in Brooklyn, N.Y., that we have created together.

We want you and your soulmate to have a meaningful, unique, and special ketubah of your own; One that speaks to your relationship and your love for each other.

We invite you to explore our website at the various styles of sculptural ketubot/ketubahs that I have created and various texts crafted by Elana that you can customize to fit your needs and wants.  Your ketubah should capture your essence, and we will customize anything to your liking so that it is truly an expression of you and your soulmate.

Your wedding day is one of a kind; your ketubah should be too.

Contact David:

Podcast Episode:

David Master discusses his experience creating his first sculpture Ketubah and this passion became his profession.

Timeless Ketbuah

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