Episode 18: Laura Fish, Federation CJA – October 1st, 2017

Laura FishLaura Fish is an executive leader with a unique combination of non-profit management experience, legal training and communication skills. Laura is currently the Chief Strategy and Planning Officer at Federation CJA in Montreal, Quebec where she focuses on identifying, measuring and resourcing communal priorities for impact.

Since joining Federation CJA almost five years ago, Laura has developed and implemented a new strategy for the allocation of over $18 million in community funds. She works with multiple stakeholders to identify community needs in the context of an ongoing large scale capital campaign, and leads community building strategy and investment for Montreal, including a satellite facility in the greater Montreal area and projects in Israel.

Laura’s strategic and clear communication style is reflected in her day to day work as well as her writing. Laura has published several articles drawing from her experience in non-profit management and aimed at sharing her expertise with others in the field.

Prior to joining Federation CJA, Laura worked at Ogilvy Renault/Norton Rose Canada (now Norton Rose Fulbright), where she practiced Tax Law and then spent over a decade working with the management team on various projects including successfully driving the integration of Ogilvy Renault into the Norton Rose global structure.

A native Montréaler, Laura entered the McGill Faculty of Law National Programme with a Wainright Entrance Scholarship and completed the program with honours, earning both her Bachelor of Civil Law and Bachelor of Common Law. She received her Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, in political science from Tufts University.

Laura lives in Montreal, Quebec with her husband and two children.

Contact Laura:

laura.fish [at] federationcja.org

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Podcast Episode:

Laura Fish, Chief Strategy and Planning Officer, discusses her experience bringing change to her organization and the dynamic of being a Canadian professional in the North American focused network.

Podcast Partner:

SAT Math Workbook

Ryan Ofman, a high school senior, has developed a new workbook for students studying for the SAT Math exam. Ryan created exercises to help students better understand how to take the test. He is now looking to partner with the Jewish community to provide workbooks to those who may not be able to afford it.

For more information about Ryan’s project, visit  ryanofman-mathematics.com.

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