Episode 24: Jen Simbol, Jewish Evaluation Network (UJA-FEDNYC) – December 24th, 2017

Jen SimbolJennifer Simbol is the Manager of Dissemination and Implementation in the Impact and Performance Assessment Department (IPAD) at UJA-Federation of NY. Jennifer has led the implementation of the international agencies pilot assessment, has managed the internal process of shifting towards outcomes measurement, and oversees the Jewish Evaluation Network.

Jennifer has worked at UJA-Federation for over eight years and has been involved with many strategic projects including the Bridgespan analysis of UJA-Federation. Prior to IPAD, she worked in the Network Commission as a Planner.

Jennifer is a graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in Political Science and
Communications. She holds an MPA from Baruch University and a Certificate in Impact Measurement and Reporting.

Contact Jen:

SimbolJ [at] ujafedny.org

Interested in joining the Jewish Evaluation Network? Email jen [at] ujafedny.org

Jewish Evaluation Network Agency Assessment Model

Podcast Episode:

Jen Simbol discusses the importance of evaluation in our work and how a network of colleagues could help improve how we incorporate evaluation into our work.

Podcast Partner:


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