Episode 30: Rabbi Leon Wiener Dow, Shalom Hartman Institute – March 19th, 2018

Leon Weiner DowLeon Wiener Dow is a research fellow and a member of the faculty at the Shalom Hartman Institute, as well as Rabbi and Educational Director of the Hevruta Gap-Year program.

He received his BA from Princeton University, his MA in Jewish thought from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, private rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Professor David Hartman, and a PhD in philosophy from Bar-Ilan University.

His book U’vlekhtekha Va’derekh (Hebrew, Bar Ilan University Press, 2017) constructs an approach to halakha based on the thought of Franz Rosenzweig. In his book, The Going (Palgrave Macmillan), he offers a meditation on Jewish law.

He has published papers in modern Jewish philosophy, Jewish law, and Jewish education. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and their five children.

Contact Leon:

Leon.Wiener.Dow {at} shi.org.il

Articles by Leon Wiener Dow

The Going

The Shalom Hartman Institute

Podcast Episode:

Leon discusses his recent book “The Going” in light of how our “Jewish” organizations express their Judaism and how your staff could benefit from a culture of learning and studying together.

Podcast Partner:

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