Bridging the gap between Jewish leaders and those who follow them in an accessible, engaging way that allows for increased awareness and understanding of the current Jewish landscape.

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Current Episodes:

Episode 006: Dara Klarfeld, DRG Executive Search

Bonus Episode 001: The Ruderman Summit on Philanthropy, Power and Democracy in the Jewish Community of the 21st Century

Episode 005: Rabbi Cherie Koller-Fox, NewCAJE

Episode 004: Rabbi Joshua Rabin, USCJ

Episode 003: Aliza Mazor, Bikkurim (UpStart)

Episode 002: Mark S. Young, JTS

Episode 001: Ilana Aisen, JPro Network

Episode 000: Michelle W. Malkin, Podcast Creator, Producer, Host, and Editor


Upcoming Episodes:

Episode 007: Drew Krugler, Communication & Leadership Counselor

Episode 008: Gali Cooks, Leading Edge

Episode 009: Rabbi Sid Schwarz, The Kenissa Network

Episode 010: Abby Saloma, Schusterman Family Foundation

Episode 011: Bob Goldfarb, Jewish Creativity International