Episode 12: Miriam Chilton, URJ Youth – July 9th, 2017

Miriam Chilton, Vice President/Youth, has worked at the URJ for the past nine years in a variety of functions.  Most recently she served as Director of Strategy, Finance and Operations for Youth, Camp and Israel Programs. Prior to joining the URJ, Miriam worked in the corporate world for over 20 years. She worked at Time, Inc. where she led operational and development teams to improve magazine production and design by creating new operational models.  Before Time, Inc., Miriam worked in financial services at SCB Warburg (now UBS) where she was responsible for establishing and running a regional technology support organization that insured efficient and effective delivery of service to corporate and investment bankers. Miriam has a Master of Arts in Business Administration and Master of Science in Information Systems from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science from Ithaca College.

Miriam came to the URJ after serving eight years on her Temple board. She realized to affect the kind of change she wanted to see in the world she needed to apply her skills and talents in the Jewish communal world. She is still an active member of Temple Ner Tamid, Bloomfield, NJ.

Contact Miriam:

mchilton [at] urj.org

Podcast Episode:

Miriam Chilton discusses her experience working with a variety of teen based youth programs for the Reform Movement as well as what it was like becoming a Jewish professional.

Podcast Partner:

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The Nonprofit Learning Lab (NLL) is a national nonprofit that connects, supports and develops individuals seeking to lead the nonprofit sector.


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